A Personalised Phone Case

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say my phone comes with me everywhere. So, naturally, I want it to look lovely all the time! I have quite a big collection of phone cases which I tend to pick up every time I go shopping (usually from Urban Outfitters or H&M), so when Mr Nutcase offered me the chance to make my own custom iPhone case I jumped at it.

I headed straight to Photoshop and decided I wanted to make something VERY personal, something no one else would have. I added some of my favourite things (MAC lipstick, doughnuts, moon emoji…) and came up with this frankly ridiculous phone case and I love it!

It arrived really quickly after ordering and is really good quality – I am very impressed. If you would like to create a unique, personal phone case, use the discount code ‘Thanku10‘ for 10% off! Get creative!

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One Response to A Personalised Phone Case

  1. I also made a phonecase with them, I chose a Tim Walker photo though, wish I'd been more creative like you and designed my own – it's so cute! xx