My Favourite High Street Lipsticks

Rimmel Kate Matte 107 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year | Body Shop Colour Crush in 335 | Maybelline Color Drama in Keep it Classy

Lipsticks are my one true vice, I can’t say no to a good lipstick. What a relief it is when you find out that a lipstick you have fallen in love with is below £10 and won’t break the bank! I love my MAC lipsticks as much as the next person but I also can’t resist a bargain. The high street cosmetics market has improved so much over the past year and I am convinced that you can find lipstick in Boots which are just as nice as those on the luxury counters. I was very tricky to pick my favourites out of my ridiculous collection, but I finally cut it down to 4…

Rimmel Kate Matte in 107 – who doesn’t love this lipstick?! I picked this up on a whim when the Kate matte collection originally came out and it has been repurchased multiple times since. If you don’t know already, it is the most beautiful matte red berry shade which is a perfect Autumn and Winter shade (but you try and stop me wearing it all year round).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year – the Rouge Edition Velvets were the first liquid lipsticks I ever tried and what a start I made. My favourite was originally Ole Flamingo but since I have been coverted to a nude lip and Happy Nude Year is a beautiful pinky nude shade. It lasts all day and although they have a matte finish, they are not at all drying which is great for my perpetually dry lips.

Body Shop Colour Crush in 335 – my first Body Shop lipstick purchase and by far my favourite, this is a lovely dark brown toned nude which I love to wear for every day wear if MAC Twig is otherwise occupied. It has a very creamy consistency and a lovely not-quite-matte finish.

Maybelline Color Drama in Keep it Classy – I have raved about these matte lip pencils and struggled to choose a favourite as they have such an amazing shade range. Keep it Classy is my most worn and is a plum shade but light enough to wear day to day. They are very nice to wear on the lips as they are creamy but with a great matte finish.

Please recommend more affordable lipsticks to me but don’t tell my boyfriend as he does not appreciate my collection taking over our house…


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