Some Lush Favourites

LUSH Grease Lightning | LUSH Mask of Magnaminty | LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

As I am not a lover of baths and therefore bath bombs, I never really considered going into LUSH, only walking past for the incredible smells. That was until I realised that soap and baths goodies are not all that LUSH can provide. They have an incredible range of natural and fresh skincare products, made for most purposes. I have tried a few things from them over the past few months and wanted to pick out my favourites.

Grease Lightning – This is a spot treatment including antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients including witch hazel which is known to reduce breakouts. I suffer from spot prone skin, not too badly but especially around my chin area every now and then so was looking for a quick fix. When you notice a spot emerging, dab some of this treatment on and they will reduce very quickly. For me, this worked a treat and my spots looked a lot less aggressive after just one use. I would recommend this even if you are not prone to breakouts as it will get rid of even the odd pesky one!

Mask of Magnaminty – Another spot-related purchase, I had heard this face mask worked wonders on breakouts and had to try it. On first application, this is incredible minty and fresh smelling and although it is not the most attractive looking (green and lumpy) you can feel it working instantly. It has little beans in it which also exfoliate your skin and keep it feeling very smooth. You don’t need very much and the small pot has lasted a long time for me. I mainly use this just on my breakout areas instead of all over the face but it really reduces the appearance of spots and I will repurchase a million times.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion – I am a slave to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and generally wouldn’t use anything else apart from that but I was given the 9 to 5 cleanser as a gift and so wanted to give it a try. The lotion itself has a lovely smell to it which you still get whiffs of during the day and it completely removes all traces of makeup. It is perfect for when I am in a bit of a rush and just want a quick cleanse (without using wipes). It says to smooth over the face and then remove with a cloth but I use this with cotton pads and it works perfectly.

What are your favourite LUSH products? I need to try more!


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