Holiday #1 Festival

1. Floral Sunglasses – Sheinside
2. Glitter Pot – Topshop
3. Tribal Print Crop Top – River Island
4. Purple Floral Garland – Missguided
5. Platform Sandals – Missguided
6. Nails in Bound – Topshop
7. Crepe Fringe Shorts – Topshop

This summer, I’ve decided to do a new series of wishlists to inspire some ideas for holiday fashion. This first one is all of my favourite picks for a summer of festivals! Unfortunately, I’m not going to any festivals this year but that doesn’t stop me picking out perfect festival pieces to rock the look at home (we definitely get enough rain for it!).
This wishlist is mainly accessories because I think they make the perfect festival look. For me, I prefer a massive clash of girly and grungey all mixed into one which is why I have chosen this pretty floral garland, which may be a bit cliche but still a good festival staple, as well as these chunky platform gladiator sandals. Also, sunglasses are very necessary for standing in the sun (fingers crossed) all day and these gorgeous floral print frames from sheinside are amazing. Beauty-wise I like to embrace quirky and have fallen in love with these bits from Topshop. Although I wouldn’t usually go for glitter, at a festival it would look amazing dabbed around the eyes to give a bit of sparkle (because the showers certainly won’t).
For an outfit, I think simple is best. A simple crop and fringed shorts can be styled for any weather. With a raincoat and wellies for bad days or a kimono and sandals for good! I can’t get over how cool this patterned crop top is from River Island and I love this shape at the moment. Very 90s!

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One Response to Holiday #1 Festival

  1. Gail J says:

    the sunnies are a must! xx