Holiday #2 Backpacking

Holiday Wishlist Backpacking
1. Aztec Fringe Kimono – Topshop
2. Duffle Backpack – ASOS
3. Lipstick in Charmed – Topshop
4. Denim Cami Dress – Warehouse
5. Birkenstock Leather Sandals – Urban Outfitters
6. Necklace – ASOS
Here is the second in my holiday wishlist series. This week – backpacking. This is something I have wanted to do for ages and here is what I would pack if I could eventually get round to it! For me, when I think of this kind of travelling, I think a mix of textures, bright colours and light clothing.
Although I usually just pick odd pieces for my wishlists, this is a full outfit which I would definitely wear. The main piece is this pretty denim cami dress from Warehouse which would actually be great for any kind of holiday. It is a lovely light colour of denim and the straps are gorgeous (you can just see the amazing strap detail at the back) and is a thin material great for hot weather. I have paired it with this fringe kimono which is up there with my favourite summer pieces. Kimonos are everywhere at the moment and too right! They are light, flowy and usually in gorgeous patterns which makes them perfect for the holidays. 
Now for a statement bag. This backpack is beautiful and reminds me of something you can usually buy at market stalls on holiday (my auntie bought me a purse similar to this from Peru which I treasure!) and is a great size to keep all your essentials in whilst sightseeing. Birkenstocks are something which if you asked me a few months ago, I would have turned my nose up at. But now… get in my wardrobe! They are great for walking around as they are comfy and sturdy and look really lovely with dresses, trousers and shorts so a good thing to pack if you don’t have much room!
A bright lip makes this look really stand out and recently I have been all about orange lipstick. ‘Charmed’ by Topshop is one I have wanted to try as a few others have either not lasted or have been a funny colour. Finished off with this beautiful necklace and we have ourselves a lovely holiday look!

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7 Responses to Holiday #2 Backpacking

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Awesome wishlist! Totally agree with you on the denim dress and kimono, I just can't seem to love the Birkenstocks as much as everyone else at the moment! xx

  2. Justina says:

    This is such a great wishlist! It makes me want to go backpacking – just for the outfits, haha.

    x Justina //

  3. Gail J says:

    I really want no.5 though! Hope you're doing ok 🙂 xx

  4. she. says:

    i love that patter on that bag, an tthe colours ar nice too.