Wishlist | Gingham Goodness

1. Midi Skirt, Primark
2. Mint Green Boxy Shirt, New Look
3. Gingham and Floral Fitted Dress, Topshop
4. Check Sunglasses, Topshop
5. Gingham Skaters, Topshop
So I have been banging on about gingham for quite a while now. Chances are if you have done a post featuring gingham, I have commented manically about my current love for it. At first, I assumed it was a bit of a phase and I wouldn’t want to look like a picnic blanket forever but my love is not going away! Here are my favourite gingham pieces at the moment (which will no doubt drain my bank account, thanks Topshop).
This skirt from Primark (how good is Primark right now?!) and I do actually own it so technically it has no place on a wishlist BUT it is definitely my favourite right now so I thought I’d share it anyway! This shirt from New Look is such a lovely colour and also fits in with another fave trend of mine, pastels! I love the shape of it and would love to wear it more cropped with a knot in the front. This Topshop dress is something a bit different with a mix of classic gingham and bright, graphic florals. A beautiful shape and perfect for summer. 
On to the accessories, I probably don’t need more sunglasses but look at them! They are a thing of beauty… I’ve been hoping to pick up some skater shoes for a while now after seeing them so brilliantly styled by bloggers, but never really seen a pattern I loved. Finally I can get my hands on some…

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One Response to Wishlist | Gingham Goodness

  1. Gail J says:

    N0 1 & 2 are so cute!

    ps. I just dropped you an email lovely 🙂 x