Red Chanel Review

Chanel Rouge Rubis Nail Colour
Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon Lipstick

I’ve never bought make up from Chanel before as it’s always been a bit out of my price range but recently, my lovely mum bought this gorgeous red duo for me so I thought I’d do a little review!

I am a massive lover of red make up and am usually sporting either a red lip or nail if not both so I was really excited to try these out. So firstly, the nail colour. It is such a lovely bright red and goes on so easily. Unlike some cheaper brands, it is not gloopy at all and glides on the nails very easily! It probably requires a few coats as it’s quite thin (I think I did 3 coats as well as top and base coat) but it’s worth the extra time because it stays on for ages! Another massive plus is the red doesn’t stain my fingers as much when I take it off (pink fingertips is a bad look). Now for the lipstick. It’s more of a ‘day time’ red – not too dark but still quite bright. The only thing is if I’m wearing it all day I do need to reapply a few times which can be annoying. But it does feel nice on!

Sorry for the cheesy selfie!

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