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Maybelline Electric Orange
I’ve been after an orange lipstick for a while as it’s pretty much the only shade I am yet to try. Instead of splashing out on the MAC one I have seen (Morange) I decided to try a slightly more budget version from Maybelline (just in case I hated it!). 
As soon as I put it on I absolutely adored the colour. It looked really nice against my hair and gave off a big summer vibe. The only problem was it took a thick layer of lipstick to get it as bright as the picture, and blotting took a lot of it away. Also as I wore it on a night out, I have to reapply quite often which was quite annoying! 
I think I will definitely try out a slightly higher quality orange because the colour is perfect!

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4 Responses to BEAUTY | Maybelline Electric Orange

  1. Alex Quinn says:

    This colour looks super pretty. Really like orange lipsticks – especially like the fact that its a MAC dupe! haha.

  2. kittymakesup says:

    This colour looks amazing I have shocking coral from the same line and love it : D x

    • cat byrne says:

      I seem to be building up a bit of a collection of this range! The others seem to last quite a bit longer though – wish this one had a bit more staying power 🙁 x