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Relentlessly Red MAC Review

UK Beauty Blogger Review

In my opinion, MAC lipsticks are the best you can get. They are good quality, long lasting and in amazing colours. Unfortunately this means that every time I go shopping, I end up bringing one home! 
This week I was drawn towards the Matte lipsticks. I always tend to go for ones which are a bit matte because I can not deal with my hair getting stuck to the more glossy ones. This red stood out to me straight away. It is a really bold colour and a perfect alternative to my usual Russian Red for summer. In my picture (apologies for my post-work tired face), I have applied a light layer of Relentlessly Red which would be perfect for day but a bit more would make it great for a night look as well.
Yet another great addition to my ever-growing MAC collection!

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  1. Can't beat MAC, I bought a random light purple the other day!

    I have just nominated you for the 'Best Fashion Blog Newcomer' in the Company Style Blogger Awards 🙂 Good Luck! xx