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2. Pink Cat Print Socks, River Island
5. Cat Club Case, Accessorize
Being called Cat, whenever there is any type of clothes or accessory with a cat on, I will definitely buy it (or receive it as a present, for my birthday I got about 10 cards with cats on!) Unfortunately for my finances, cats are a massive trend at the moment! Everywhere I go I can see cat t-shirts, purses, phone cases and headbands. These are some of my favourite items which I’ve seen recently (and which I actually don’t own!)

2 Responses to Meow

  1. Love a cat and my name isn't even cat. My sisters is though. I love the breton striped tee with cat faces. That is basically my favourite things on a tee. Lovely mix of items, I didn't know I could get so many cat related items!

    Emma x