For this post I’ve decided to show you some style from my friends. This is Tor! She lives with me at the moment and is also a student! These are a few of Tor’s favourite outfits at the moment. Tor says her favourite fashion things are florals, her black ankle boots and Urban Outfitters sale. She takes inspiration from Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl and shops in Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Zara. 

She has a relaxed sense of style but likes dressing things up with a nice jacket (jackets are her favourite pieces of clothing!) I always think Tor looks nice, especially when we go out, she wears some lovely dresses like the one below!
Tor’s top tip would be shop in places like New Look for discount pieces, usually copies of more expensive pieces from Topshop/UO.  

The outfit on the left would be for a typical night out and includes Tor’s favourite jacket and boots! The look on the right is more casual and would be a typical uni outfit. The brown boots are a staple and worn most days.

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