paisley pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are really on trend at the moment and you can find them in all sorts of colours and patterns. I have found one of my personal favourites in Urban Outfitters. It is a lovely paisley pattern and is a really nice colour scheme and it’s also not too tricky to walk in like some of them are because it’s stretchy! You can find it here. I think it is actually quite a bargain considering how much you could wear it! I have put together a few ways I would wear it as a bit of inspiration!
This first look I would say is for a night out. Casual but dressed up at the same time! This cropped tee from Topshop goes really well with the skirt and is a complete bargain! Could also go with countless other pieces. I love these boots from Office, they are a nice height and a bit interesting with the cut-out toe and heel. As the rest of the outfit is quite plain you can pile on the jewellery! My favourite bits of jewellery are usually from Urban Outfitters or Topshop. A statement necklace is great with a plain top and this one from UO is great. There are also loads of other really nice ones if you have a browse around! My UO jewellery usually lasts ages and can be worn with everything! These rings from Topshop are a really nice pack and there are loads of other packs to choose from. I think it’s a really good idea as it’s a bit cheaper than buying them all separately and they always go together well!  
This second outfit I think would be a really nice work outfit or maybe for a dressier night out! I always like a pop of colour and this blouse definitely pops! Also mustard with black and grey I think always goes well. The blouse does set you back a bit but it is 100% silk so well worth the extra as it will last much longer. The wedges and bag are perfect accessories. You don’t want too much more colour with such a statement shirt so black keeps it looking classy. Jewellery-wise I think a simple chain looks nice here like this one but to make it more edgy you could always go with a more statement piece like the ones above!
This is probably my favourite way to wear a pencil skirt. There’s something quite cool about wearing such a formal skirt with a casual outfit. In my opinion, everyone should own at least one pair of stylish trainers and you can never go wrong with white low top Converse. I could have picked many graphic t-shirts for this look as there are some really nice ones around. My favourites are from Topshop, Forever 21 or But this one from Topshop is a really nice graphic without being too loud and taking the attention away from the skirt! A slouchy cardigan would look great and this one, also Topshop, is perfect and a really lovely colour. To keep it from looking too casual, add a statement necklace!

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